WBEZ Radio Interview

Dr. Patrick Corrigan is interviewed on WBEZ radio about strategies for addressing physical health needs of people with serious mental illness, including his funded peer navigator pilot studies.

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Stigma and Health Journal

Patrick Corrigan is now Editor-in-Chief of APA's new journal Stigma and Health. Stigma and Health publishes peer-reviewed, original research articles that may include tests of hypotheses about the form and impact of stigma, examination of strategies to decrease stigma's effects, and survey research capturing stigma in populations. Stigma and Health especially welcomes research studies on methods meant to erase the stigma of mental and physical illnesses. Theoretical reviews and pioneering reports on innovations are also welcome.

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Are you letting anxiety stigma get in the way of recovery?

Research shows that the stigma surrounding anxiety may be just as challenging to manage as the symptoms themselves. The National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment (NCSE), a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funded center comprised of more than 12 research institution partners has been grappling with this issue and the broader subject of mental illness stigma for the past 15 years.

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Innovative Youth Anti-Stigma Program by Wisconsin Family Ties

In collaboration with hip-hop group the Figureheads, non-profit organization Wisconsin Family Ties has developed a musical-based anti-stigma curriculum for distribution in schools and other youth organizations

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2015 Together Against Stigma Conference

Join us in preparing for the highly anticipated "Together Against Stigma: Each Mind Matters Conference" taking place Feb. 17-20th in San Francisco, CA!!

2015 Together Against Stigma Announcement

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Patrick Michaels

Ever since he was a high school senior, Patrick Michaels, now an IIT Institute of Psychology doctoral student, had one dream: to become a clinical psychologist. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a B.S. in psychology, Michaels enrolled at IIT, where he found the Clinical Psychology Program offered just the right balance of hands-on work and research he was seeking. It was at the institute that Michaels realized his dream would come true. “Living my dream makes me thankful that the professors, physicians, psychologists, researchers, and employers with whom I have worked have seen potential in me and helped me to achieve this dream,” says Michaels. “Not only am I pursuing my dream of being a clinical psychologist, but I am at an institution where the career preparation synthesizes theory, concepts, and practice.”

As a graduate student, Michaels feels fortunate to have participated in the Chicago Public Schools Gifted and Enriched Program, where he administered, proctored, and scored individual and group achievement tests for pre-kindergarteners and children ages 6–8. “The program helped me relate to children and become a better public speaker,” he explains. Made possible through the Institute of Psychology’s Center for Research and Service, the contract program provided Michaels with both excellent experience and financial support.

Michaels and his advisor, Professor Patrick Corrigan, are currently working on a consulting project evaluating an educational workshop that combats the stigma of mental illness. They are particularly interested in what the workshop can offer to both consumers and providers of mental health services.


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